Annual General Meetings

The timing of the AGM in November is to enable Members to agree the Management Charges for the following year when the maximum financial information is available, both for the year coming to a close and the year ahead.

The AGM presents an opportunity for the Chairman to report on the year's events and for everyone to discuss expenditure, both committed and planned, improvements, and everyone’s perception of how they want the Estate to develop. This last issue does, of course, have a direct bearing on future property values in the Park. After the AGM there is an opportunity for social "chit-chat" over wine and cheese.

Extraordinary General Meetings

Should a major matter arise, particularly one involving substantial expenditure, decisions on further action are taken at an ECM. Full information is circulated beforehand giving at least 28 days notice. Any vote requires a majority in favour of at least 75% of those present and voting, or represented by proxy votes if a poll is called for.

Proxy Votes

At all formal meetings Members who are unable to be present are entitled to be represented by proxies. A person nominated as a proxy may vote either as directed by the Member they represent, or alternatively they may be permitted to use their discretion, in accordance with the wishes of the member appointing them. Proxies need not themselves be Members of the Company but they must be appointed in writing and the appointment notified to the Committee. Members may appoint proxies to act on their behalf only at specific meetings, or if they wish, on an ongoing basis until they cancel the authority. Proxy votes are normally only counted on a poll but they may be used on a show of hands at the discretion of the Chairman. Although it is appreciated that some Members are unavailable for Meetings there is no reason why they cannot play a role in decision making by the use of a proxy.