Buying and Selling Properties

Buying or selling one's home is acknowledged to be one of the most stressful situations many of us ever face, with so many factors having to be brought to fruition at the same time. Frequently, we have to buy and sell simultaneously, so it must make sense to try and reduce the hassle by as much pre-planning as possible.

Sellers should bear in mind that even when they have sold their property they still remain liable for management charges until such time as the purchaser has signed an undertaking to be responsible for observing OPEC covenants. It is in the seller's interest to ensure that their solicitors obtain this undertaking promptly and forward it to the OPEC solicitor.

Solicitors will almost certainly require copies of the last (or several) Financial Accounts, and details of the maintenance charges which are regularly distributed to all Members. Additional or replacement copies may be downloaded from this website. Confirmation of the payment of Management Charges is freely available on request to solicitors on a prompt and timely basis.

Frequently, queries arise in connection with the adoption of the Sewerage in the Park by Thames Water Utilities Ltd. All Members should have available the documentation which the Committee issued at the time of the adoption.

Purchasers should bear in mind that their ownership cannot be registered at the Land Registry until a certificate is obtained from the OPEC solicitor. This will only be issued when a statutory undertaking to comply with the covenants has been submitted. The purchaser's solicitor should be instructed accordingly in order that no delay arises in registering their title.

All members of OPEC are automatically shareholders in Ottershaw Park Woodland Ltd (OPW). The management committee hold the originals of the share certificates, and duplicate copies only are issued to residents if so requested by them.

Carol Gregorious, OPEC's solicitor, will deal with all conveyancing queries in the first instance. She can be contacted at:

44 Chertsey Road (A319)
opposite the Delta Road junction
Chobham, Woking
GU24 8PJ

Tel: 01276 488082
Fax: 01276 488190