Drains and Sewers

The routes of many of the drains and sewers are a bit of a mystery. The main runs were constructed in the 1880's and have been augmented and re-routed many times since. We have several plans of different origins and vintages and together with our own observations and a bit of guesswork we have come up with the plan below. If you have any further information which might help make the plan more accurate please let us know. Those of you who have an interest in drainage will note that several runs combine both foul and stormwater! Of the foul gullies, the runs shown running around the perimeter of the estate are the responsibility of Thames Water Utilities (TWU) As far as we understand the situation TWU are also responsible for foul gullies that serve more than one household. We intend to add further details, including the location of water hydrants, in the near future

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