Understandably, many residents have only a vague idea of the Park's boundaries, which land is owned by OPEC, Tulk House or the Mansion. Essentially OPEC only owns the roadways, the Mansion and Tulk own the lawns, formal gardens and meadows and these are clearly signed.

The map below shows in green the combined areas owned by OPEC/OPM/Tulk House. The area immediately to the east coloured mauve is Runnymede Chase, an amenity area owned and maintained by Runnymede Borough Council. It can be accessed from the road which runs past Tulk House towards Tanglewood.

Each member of OPEC has a share in Ottershaw Park Woodland Ltd (which is relinquished on leaving the Park). The woodland is not currently easily accessible and residents are advised not to walk there.

All other areas, other than public highways, are privately owned and OPEC residents do not necessarily have rights of access.

See also the section of this site on "Walks".

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