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Many of you will have heard about the fire in the Mansion last week. I am grateful to Paul Arengo-Jones (OPM Company Secretary) for the following account.

"The fire was discovered at about 17.30 on Sunday (3rd February 2019) evening by residents out walking in the garden. They called the fire brigade. The fire alarm alerted residents and they evacuated the Mansion. One resident managed to get Grahame Leon-Smith away from his apartment, No.10 The Niven Suite, which was on fire, but sadly it was impossible to rescue Grahame’s wife, Frauke. The fire brigade arrived within minutes and quickly contained the fire. At least four appliances attended including a large cherry picker which established that the roof remained intact. As there was a fatality the Fire and Police Investigation teams have had to be particularly thorough and they eventually left the site at 9pm on Monday night. The Niven Suite remains secured by the Police until further notice, and we do not expect it to be released until next week. The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

There is significant water and toxic smoke damage to the top floor and residents on that level have had to move out.

Grahame Leon-Smith was taken to hospital for checks, physically he is OK and he is now at a care home in Englefield Green.

Peter Bennet and Paul Arengo-Jones are coordinating the after action"

Car Crash

For those of you wondering about the large hole in the estate fence on the Chobham Road....................

A driver alledgedly swerved to avoid a deer and ended up in the woods. No fatalities, but the car was a bit of a mess.

We are pursuing an insurance claim for repairs to the fence, tree surgery, etc.

Photographs of the crash site can be viewed here (courtesy Nigel Eastment).

John Gower

As many of you will know John Gower has served for many years on the OPEC management committee as Company Secretary, Treasurer and general factotum.

What many of you will not know is that John is a model railway enthusiast who has an entensive and imaginative layout of his own.

As a mark of gratitude for his hard work on behalf of OPEC over the years, the management committee recently presented John with a model locomotive to add to his collection .

Image not available Image not available

John receiving his "retirement" gift with his layout and collaborator Vic in the background.


Fairoaks Garden Village

Report date: 02 March 2017

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You may have heard of plans to build a new housing estate on Fairoaks Airport and to convert agricultural land which is also owned by the Airport to a SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Space).

Last weekend JTP, the architects (or Placemakers as they call themselves!) working for the Airport owners, disclosed their outline plans for the new village and sought feedback and ideas from the general public. It was good to see that there was a good turnout for these meetings and that some Ottershaw Park residents attended. For those of you unable to attend the complete presentation is available here.

Last night there was a meeting at which plans drawn up in the light of the public consultation process were presented. For those of you unable to attend the complete presentation is available here.

A press report of the meeting can be found here.

A handout describing their "vision" for the new community was made available and for those of you unable to attend I have reproduced the map from this document above. The complete document is available here

More information can be found here and here.

Please note that this is at an early stage of planning and no formal application has been made. Your committee is involved with other local organisations who have concerns about the possible development and we will keep you informed in due course.


Policing and Crime Prevention Meeting

There was a meeting hosted by the Police and Crime Commissioner at Chertsey Hall on 3rd February 2016.

An agenda can be viewed here.

There were various talks and presentations all of which suggested that we live in a safe environment and that we can sleep easy in our beds.

A synopsis of what the Commissioner has been doing can be viewed here.

The main points of the meeting are summarised in the Annual Report by the Commissioner which can be viewed here.