Tennis Courts

There are six tennis courts situated at the bottom of the field west of the Mansion. Two are derelict, the pair to the South (on the left as you approach from the meadow) are for use of Mansion residents only, whilst the remaining two are for use by all residents. Access to them is via a small footpath across the Mansion fields. The courts are kept locked and keys are issued to residents. Both OPEC and OPM have a policy of ongoing court refurbishment. Please report any damage or vandalism to a committee member.


There are many pleasant walks in and around Ottershaw Park. Apart from the main estate roads there are a number of other interesting routes, particularly those in Runnymede Chase a Runnymede Borough Council amenity area which can be accessed from the estate road beyond Tulk House and Tanglewood.

Pamphlets entitled "Runnymede Rambles" are freely available from RBC or available as PDF files on their "Rambles" website. The example below is from "Walk no. 4" from this series and can be joined at a point west of the Church by walking through Runnymede Chase to the old entrance gates on Cross Road. The recent purchase of woodland for amenity use by RBC holds the possibility of further access to adjoining land in the near future.

Note: You are reminded that (except for access to the tennis courts) only Mansion residents are entitled to use the meadows surrounding the Mansion. Furthermore, OPEC residents do not necessarily have rights of access to land beyond the Mansion meadows (marked by a line of young oaks) which is owned by Fairoaks Airport and Wey Farm.

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