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Roadworks - 1st to 11th October, 2013

This is advanced warning that Chobham Road will be resurfaced starting 1st October.

Click here to download Roadworks notice.

Fairoaks - Airports Commission submission

A recent submission by Fairoaks Airport to the Airports Commission proposes a longer runway and passenger facilities to handle larger business jets as well as increasing flying training and helicopter flights. Our experience indicates that the proposed expansion of airport activity will be done without any consideration of the noise impact on local residents. If you are concerned about a potential 300% increase in fixed wing activity and totally unlimited capacity for helicopters please send your comments to by 27th September 2013.

OPEC management committtee has sent a letter (see link below) which you are welcome to use as a template for your own submission. We also provide a link to the more detailed response by the Chobham Society for your reference. A reference map of the area around Fairoaks Airport is provided (below).

Read about it:

Click here for a link to Get Surrey newspaper report

Click here to download Fairoaks - Airports Commission Submission

Click here to download Chobham Society response

Click here to download OPEC response

Image not available
Shaded area shows extent of airport land. White bar shows possible path of a 400m extension to present runway

Fairoaks hangar

Click here for an article from the Surrey Herald, 1st August, 2013.

Willow Farm Travellers' site

For the latest in the travellers' saga Click here

For a copy of the letter regarding the latest planning application for the site Click here

For guidance notes Click here

If you have any comments on the state of affairs please write to RBC, our MP and anyone else you can think of that might carry some weight in this fiasco!

Ash tree die back (04- December-2012)

To learn more about this disease and how to identify it please visit this website:

Ash Die Back

If you see any trees in Ottershaw Park or the surrounding area with this problem please notify Nigel, Mick or John, otherwise contact

Superfast Broadband (04-December-2012)

For further information about superfast broadband plans in Surrey Click here

Picnic in the Park

Sunday 10th June from 3pm

On the lawn opposite the lower garage block in the centre of the Park (by kind permission of The Mansion)

Bring your own food/drink/chairs and tables. There will be a BBQ available for everyone to use

Invite some friends and join your neighbours for a fun afternoon

If you have any questions please ring Elizabeth on 01932 873831

Willow Farm Traveller's site

To see a copy of the latest letter from RBC about the "progress" on Willow Farm Click here

Willow Farm Traveller's site

The following appeared in the Daily Mail on or about 25th March. We have written to RBC to enquire what their reaction to this is and how they now intend to proceed.

Image not available

Willow Farm Traveller's site

Reply from RBC to a local resident's letter of complaint about lack of progress re: Willow Farm

"Thank you for your email dated 22 January 2012. I appreciate your frustration with the situation at Willow Farm. As an Enforcement Officer it is a frustration that I share as the Courts have stopped the Council from taking any further action on site whilst the legal battles continue, however, this is the legal system within which we operate.

The Council was successful in obtaining an Injunction on this site and has sought to enforce that Injunction. Unfortunately the Council has no power to stop someone from applying for planning permission (as the Occupiers of this site did). However, the Council vigorously opposed that planning application and defended their refusal of the application at a subsequent appeal. As you will be aware this was supported by the Secretary of State who dismissed the appeal. The Occupiers have the right under English Law to appeal against the Secretary of State's dismissal, which they did. This is an action that the Council is not a party to and has absolutely no control over. The terms of the Injunction are such that the Council cannot enforce the Injunction until the Occupiers have exhausted their right of appeal.

The Council has sought to keep all residents informed of this process and sends updates as it receives notification itself. I appreciate your frustration, however the Council has acted consistently to enforce against this site and to try and have the Occupiers removed and the land restored. It is simply powerless to do anything further whilst the battle between the Occupiers and the Secretary of State is fought.

I trust that this clarifies the current position, and I will continue to update you with any progress of the Occupiers application to the Supreme Court.

Lucy Fenton | Enforcement Team Leader | Runnymede Borough Council - 01/02/12

Willow Farm Traveller's site

For archived correspondence dating back to 2005 Click here

Planning Application (14-July-2011)

26 Ottershaw Park

To see a Neighbour Notification letter with all the reference details Click here

Refuse collection (07-Jan-2012)

Just in case you didn't receive a 2012 schedule for refuse collection from RBC here it is: Click here

Planning Application (14-July-2011)

28 Ottershaw Park

Not yet listed on RBC planning website. To see a Neighbour Notification letter with all the reference details

Click here

Picnic in the Park, 2011 (02-June-2011)

We had planned our Picnic in the Park for 11th June but for a variety of reasons we have moved it to Sunday 4 Sept.

The usual format is for you to bring your own furniture/food & drink and set up with all of us on the lawn opposite the garage block in the centre of the Park. We plan to be there for about 1.30pm – it will probably end around 6-7pm unless there are a few die-hards.! There will be music and if it rains we all haven’t got far to dash home. This is a great opportunity to meet new people who have not long moved in, to acquaint ourselves with people who we recognise but have never had a conversation with or just an excuse to hang out with neighbours who have become good friends.

Hope you can all make it and looking forward to catching up with you, your family and any friends you invite for the day. Let’s hope the weather continues to be good and we have an enjoyable day in our Park and soak up the last of the sunshine.

The Mansion residents are thanked for allowing us to use their lawn for this event.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day.

Appearance of the estate (15-Apr-2011; edited 19-Apr-2011)

In an attempt to improve the general appearance of the estate we ask all free holders, particularly those along the main road through the estate to keep their boundary hedges and verges trimmed back to their boundary and to keep all areas visible from the roadway in good order as stipulated in the covenants. Owners of overgrown hedges and untidy gardens will be asked to smarten them up.

Residents are reminded that the majority of the land (other than that in private ownership and the roadways) is owned either by Tulk House or The Mansion and must not be used for dumping garden waste. This particularly applies to the area near the bridge.

Tennis Courts (15-Apr-2011)

Repairs to the OPEC tennis court nets are now (at long last) complete. I can't believe how long this has taken!

If you have mislaid your court key you can order one from John Athersuch (£5.00).

Please lock the gate after you when you leave the courts and take your rubbish home with you. If you have children who use the courts please remind them to do the same.

Main Entrance Gates (15-Apr-2011)

The main entrance gates are now installed and will remain open for another week and then the one on the left as you enter the estate will be closed. If exceptionally wide vehicles need access the gate can easily be opened. Closing one gate will hopefully make the entrance appear more private and also help to slow traffic entering and leaving the park. If any issues arise as a result of the closure please contact Nigel Eastment or John Athersuch.

ESTATE MAP (15-Apr-2011)

You have until the end of April to respond to this item!

This is a draft copy of the proposed Estate map which we intend to place in the main entrance road to assist visitors, delivery drivers, etc.

Obviously the actual map will be bigger than your computer screen but you should be able to read all the contents. A larger version will be on display at the AGG.

If you have any comments on the content of the map please put your thoughts in an email to me:

Image not available

[Note: To counter the activities of spammers the email address above is not "clickable"]

Image not available


The committee now has a full set of plans showing the (alleged!) route of electricity supply cables on the estate.

If you are plannng to dig deep on your land you should consult these plans first or get a copy of your own from EDF.


At last! The broken post is being replaced this week. The old winding mechamism could not be repaired, the new posts would not fit in the old sockets which were loose anyway - so the solution was a pair of brand new posts.

The courts will also be treated for moss.


The OPEC tennis courts have some problems but we are working to get things put right as soon as possible.

A new net is on order to replace the damaged one. - NOW FIXED

New winding mechanism is on order to replace the broken one. This involves getting a pair of posts with bespoke "spikets"!

Weeds in and around the court will be dealt with this week.

If you see rubbish in the court that isn't yours please take it home with you even if the previous players couldn't be bothered to do so.

If you see players you suspect are not residents or accompanied guests please ask them to leave.




Please take the time to read this email and please let Runnymede have your views.
(email: )

I have been aware of the DERA site development for some time, MVEE, the old Tank Factory on the boundary of Chobham Common is planned to be redeveloped with 1.22 million sq ft of office space north of the M3, with 3,100 parking spaces and also a separate 2,500 housing estate to the south.

The portion of the site for the 2,500 houses was identified in the South East Plan, by a quango that has since been disbanded. There are no detailed plans and no consideration on supporting infrastructure or the effect on local roads. Runnymede Council is currently tasked to undertake a consultation process, seeking comment on the boundaries of the area to be removed from the Green Belt.

The more you know about these things the less confident you become about the decision making process. The now abandoned Trumps Green incinerator, in another adjacent site, was going there not because of any logistical or strategic considerations but because the land was available. The DERA site has been selected because it is a previously developed area in the Green Belt, not because it is a sensible place to put 2,500 houses.

This major development has been introduced without local residents really taking on board the potential impact.

The 2 nearest villages are Chobham and Ottershaw, both have about 1,600 dwellings. The DERA ‘new town’ will have 2,500, significantly more than either neighbouring village. Local roads are already choked with cars in the mornings; increase that by a further 10,000 vehicles movements from the houses and another 6,000 from the offices and imagine the consequences on local roads!

There are no detailed plans for housing on the DERA site or plans for amenities or infrastructure to support the site. Indeed Surrey County Council’s comment at the time of the original consultation questioned the sustainability of the development and recommended its removal from the South East Plan.

Equally damaging will be the impact on Chobham Common, our local SSI, already under pressure from housing development.

The consultation document is available here (click to open a PDF). It does not give any structured background to the plans, neither does it make clear that the south site is screened by extensive woodland. The proposals to remove this from the Green Belt seem really dangerous. Surely we must keep protection for these areas in place? We should take this opportunity to object to the removal of green belt status and make our concern about the impact of the development known.

Please complete and return the consultation form (click to open a PDF).

Recommendations: - disagree to the proposed boundary of the area for removal from the Green Belt.

- object to removing any of the DERA site out of the Green Belt

- object to including additional properties that are not already within the DERA site

- and although it is not part of the consultation, also in the comments section, object to the basic principle of building a conurbation larger than Chobham or Ottershaw on our border, with the obvious huge impact on traffic and the adjacent SSSI.



The Ottershaw Society produced a historical map of Ottershaw for the Millennium celebrations. It was designed by the artist Michael Stride who until recently lived in Ottershaw, and is extremely high quality. It includes Ottershaw Park and makes a good wall hanging when framed. The map measures approx 23" x 29" and comes in a cardboard tube.

There a few still available for £5.

If you are interested in purchasing one please email John Athersuch on or call 01932 873033

A small low resolution section is shown below.

Image not available



For those of you who walked all the way to the postbox at the end of the Bothy Lane last week only to find it sealed, here is a formal explanation from Royal Mail.

"The postbox at Ottershaw Park (BOX 630386) is not about to be removed. It could not be cleared on the driver's collection route on Thur 17 Sep at 17.45, because the road was sealed due to a burst watermain in the immediate area. The box was cleared and plated off by an engineer on Fri 18 Sep while Thames Water were carrying out emergency repairs. The box remained out of use on the 19 and 20 Sep but was opened up again on Mon 21 Sep after it was reported that the burst watermain repairs had been completed. Normal collections have taken place from this post box since Mon 21 Sep."

The box is now open for business as usual.


RARE BRACKET FUNGUS- 9th September 2009

To make a change from reports on Gypsies..............

Image not available

A rare bracket fungus (see above) was recently identified living on five Aspens (Poplars) near Tulk House. The trees have now been felled as they were unsafe.

According to Dr Spooner, Head of Mycology at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew "Phellinus populicola occurs only on Populus, and is probably restricted to P. tremula and the hybrid P. x canescens (grey poplar). In Britain it is evidently rare or very seldom recorded. As until recently it was not distinguished from P. igniarius, it appears that P. populicola is new to Britain. There are in fact a few old records of it and 2 more recent ones (2007), from Ashtead and from Buckinghamshire."

Two specimens are now in the Kew herbarium.


Here is the latest Bulletin from the local police


Image not available
Image not available
Image not available
Image not available

"Run like a Stag" - 15th Dec 2008

The History of Ottershaw School 1948 - 1980

Copies available from John Athersuch priced £25


Ottershaw Park now features on a website devoted to the history of Surrey and sponsored by Surrey County Council and The Heritage Lottery fund.

If you want to find out more about the history of Ottershaw Park in particular or Surrey in general go to their website (

Image not availableImage not available

OTTERSHAW SCHOOL OLD BOYS VISIT 15th June - 23rd April 2008

Members of OSOBS (the Ottershaw School Old Boys Society) have been invited to visit Ottershaw Park on 15th June to celebrate the planting of an avenue of trees in the Mansion Meadow in memory of Arthur Foot one time Headmaster of the school. By kind permission of the Mansion residents the members will gather in the Mansion Meadow in the afternoon. Please be aware that there will be a considerable number of cars parked on the estate for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Traffic marshalls be on hand to ensure that parking does not obstruct the roadways and drives.

For more information on Ottershaw School please visit the OSOBS website or John Athersuch's Ottershaw Park History website.


- 3rd April 2008

Aileen Egan recently attended the exhibition about the proposed Barratt Homes developement of Great Grove Farm at Brook Hall (see below). Although Great Grove is not immediately adjacent to Ottershaw Park some residents may like to know more about the proposal as it will effect the general amenity of the area and add to traffic volume. John Athersuch has some documents which you are welcome to borrow, or you can telephone Tristan Fitzgerald or Vick Angel on 0118 958 8111 (Mob. 07710 450 150). Some residents may feel that the best way of "enhancing the greenbelt" would be to remove the lorries, full stop!

Image not available

Image not available

BATH TIME!!! - 7th March 2008

UPDATE - Rubbish now cleared. Prosecution by the police poroposed! - 3rd April 2008

This rubbish was dumped on the roadway near Tanglewood on Thursday. Technically this is part of Ottershaw Chase owned by RBC who will clear it on Tuesday.

Image not available

A local resident who was out walking confirms that the dumping took place between 3:30 and 3:50 pm on Thursday 6th March. He found addresses on packaging amongst the rubbish and reported the matter to police. This should provide enough evidence to identify the culprits. The police incident number is P2008076665.

If anyone has any further information please contact a member of the committee.

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, taking note of vehicle registration numbers where appropriate.

Ottershaw Park Woodland - 1st November 2007
We are pleased to announce that as of 30th July OPEC, through the newly formed company Ottershaw Park Woodland Ltd (OPW), will acquire woodland plots A and B.

There is now a separate page for news and information about the woodland (see Ottershaw Park Woodland item on navigation bar).

Estate Maintenance - 24th July 2007
Woodland issues have preoccupied us for some months and now the immediate concern with the purchase is resolved we can turn our attention to other estate matters. High on our list of priorities is maintaining the visual appeal of Ottershaw Park, both to provide us all with a more pleasant environment in which to live and also to enhance the value of estate properties. We will be working on tidying up the estate over the next few months. We can easily attend to OPEC property and we will arrange road sweeping, sign refurbishment, etc. but we will need the active participation of members to take care of their own properties, particularly trimming verges and cutting hedges where their land abuts the road.

We will be writing to individual householders where we think particular attention is required and would appreciate everyone’s co-operation.

Changes to properties - 24th July 2007
We would like to remind all residents that any external change, which is visible or may affect neighbours, must be authorised by the OPEC committee before work commences. This includes structural alterations to houses, removal/planting of trees/hedges, erection of boundary fences/walls and remodeling of gardens.

Seeking committee approval is a member’s legal duty under the covenants and in the event of any dispute members will find an OPEC letter, authorising the work very useful!

Fire hydrants - 24th July 2007
To ensure the estate has adequate water supplies in the event of a fire we have met with Three Valleys Water to locate the fire hydrants on the estate. We will now be asking the Fire brigade re-assess the availability and condition of our fire hydrants.
We will advise you once that work has been completed and a hydrant map will be posted on our website so we can all make sure we know where our nearest hydrant is. You never know when that might be useful!


At the EGM on 23rd May the vote in favour of purchasing two plots of woodland was unanimous. All OPEC residents will be equal shareholders in the woodland. You will have received hard copies of the minutes and invoice, but just in case you have mislaid the documents here they are.

Please note that invoices are payable by 1st July!

Click here for a copy of the Invoice

Click here for a copy of the Chairman's notes

Click here for a copy of the EGM Minutes

23rd May - EGM regarding Purchase of Land

I purposely did not post anything online about the proposed land purchase while negotiations were going on.

We are now at a stage where we need every resident's cooperation.

We have delivered hard copies of the EGM documentation but if you need a further copy please click here to download a PDF copy.

Please note the date - the was some initail confusion about this - it is 23rd May

It is vital that you sign and return the Form of Proxy if you are NOT going to attend the meeting or think that you may miss it.

The Form is at the back of the EGM document.


Break in at Tulk House - 28th February 2007

One of the ground floor flats experienced an attempted breaking and entering on Saturday 24th February at 8pm. The attempt was foiled by the burglar alarm going off, and the police have visited the scene of the crime. Please be extra vigilant as this may be the prelude toanother "spate" of burglaries.

Please report any suspicious activity to the police - specifically our neighbour beat officer, Anita Clarke. In the first instance you should call 07967 988381 or send an email. She also has a page on the Surrey Police website. Surrey Police switchboard 0845 125 22 22 is another option.

Tree Felling - 28th February 2007

Two trees will be felled on the estate in the next week or so by T&S tree surgeons. One is an Ash on the main entrance road, the other a Robinia in the Bothy lane. Their removal is essential for the safely of residents. Please be patient if either of the roads are closed temporarily when you need to pass.

Drugs - 28th February 2007

There is still a continuing problem with drug trading on the estate (See also Bollards, below). Please report any suspicious cars parked on the estate IMMEDIATELY to one of the OPEC management committee of better still the police - specifically our neighbour beat officer, Anita Clarke. In the first instance you should call 07967 988381 or send an email. She also has a page on the Surrey Police website. Surrey Police switchboard 0845 125 22 22 is another option.

Garden Court - 28th February 2007

Builders from the Garden Court are being a persistent nuisance in the Bothy Lane. We are doing all we can to reduce the impact on OPEC residents whilst remaining on good terms with the new owner. This includes rationalising parking. The recent chaos caused by digging a trench across the Bothy entrance has no come to an end. We expect the work to be completed by the end of March.

Bollards! - 28th February 2007

As you will be aware we have had problems with "druggies" and other "activities" under the bridge. To counter this we have installed bollards at the Mansion end of the lane leading under the bridge. The bollards are collapsible but secured by padlocks, so residents requiring access to that section of the lane can borrow a key from any of the OPEC management commitee.

Over the years motor vehicles have on several occassions driven down the steps by the Bothy. This has led to damage to the brickwork and judging from the spare parts found lying around, presumably the vehicles, too! To prevent this happening again we have installed bollards at the top of the steps and the steps have been repaired.


Recycling - 18th January 2007

Recycling in Runnymede - 01932 425713
Phone this number to enquire about recycling bin collections, in particular when the next pick up is due if the usual Friday collection has been missed.
Thanks to Ann Purssey for this contribution

POLICE DIRECT - 7th December 2006

There is a new Surrey Police iniative called "Police Direct" which allows you to receive information about local policing issues via your landline, mobile phone or email.

Image not available

Registering is simple. Contact John Athersuch for an application form.

(To counter the activities of spammers the email address above is not "clickable")

TENNIS COURTS - 26th June 2006

The OPEC tennis courts have now been cleaned, recoloured and re-lined. The old wooden seats have been replaced by smart new metal ones.

ACCOUNTS - 27th May 2006

The 2005 OPEC accounts are now available on this website. You will also receive a paper copy in due course.

GARDEN COURT- updated 27th May 2006

Demolition of the old house is complete and building of the new one underway. We are currently trying to get a written agreement from the owner of Garden Court or his builders regarding compensation for any damage that may be caused to the Bothy entrance road by site vehicles. So far we have failed. We have placed a sign at the Main entrance to redirect site vehicles away from the main part of the Park. Some damage has been caused to the estate roads by "lost" vehicles. If you see any builder's lorries on the estate that shouldn't be there please redirect them, make a note of the registration/owner, date and time and let one of the committee know.

TENNIS COURTS - 27th May 2006

The OPEC Tennis courts are currently being refurbished. The surface has been cleaned and will soon be re-coloured and re-lined. The Courts will not be available during the refurbishment. We also intend to replace the old seats which have seen better days. All we need now is some fine weather!

BOTHY STEPS - 27th May 2006

For the third time in six months a car has been driven down the steps near the Bothy! The steps have been damaged and we are planning to repair them in due course. We have decided that to prevent further incidents we will install a pair of bollards at the top of the steps. Any information on a ?white VW (Golf/Polo) with one hubcap missing and a damaged spoiler would be welcome.

DRUG USERS - 27th May 2006

There have been a number of reports of suspicious activity around the upper garage block and under the bridge. We suspect drug trading/use and other "recreational" activities! We are fed up with removing silver paper, drink cans, fast food containers and condoms from the area and intend to place collapsible bollards at the Mansion end of the lane leading to the bridge to prevent further use of this nature.

Anyone noticing suspicious activity should preferably report it to the police or failing that, to a committee member. If you report to the police don't dial the usual number as you will be bogged down in red tape. Instead email our local beat police officer direct.

SECURITY - posted 9th January 2006

The local police have kindly provided us with some brochures on safety and security in the home, etc. I have about six packs available for residents on a "first come, first served" basis. If you would like a pack call me on 01932 873033 and I will deliver them to you.

WASTE DISPOSAL - posted 7th December 2005

Download information in proposed waste disposal sites here. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Download PDF
TENNIS COURTS - posted 3rd October 2005
Both nets are now fully repaired. Removal of weeds and undergrowth around the courts is scheduled for October. We intend to buy some new seats and a broom for next season. Please remember to slacken the nets at the end of each visit and report and signs of littering, vandalism or damage to a member of the committee.
GATES TO "PINK" ROAD - posted 3rd October 2005
The gates securing the "Pink" Road leading from the Guildford Road the pumping station were stolen in mid-May. The committee would like to thank the residents who informed us of the theft and of the subsequent fly-tipping on the road. Thames Water, who own the gates, have replaced them and removed the rubbish.
ROAD SURFACE - posted 24th August 2005
Many of you have observed that the road surface applied last Autumn is not wearing well and developing sticky patches, particularly in areas where cars turn into parking bays and drives. The recent hot weather has made the problem worse. Remedial treatment has been carried out by the contractors and we are waiting to see if this has a lasting effect.
Another garage, this time near The Bothy, was burgled on Wednesday night (1st June) and a quantity of expensive fishing tackle was stolen. If you saw any suspicious activity that night or have any information which might help please contact John Athersuch (01932 873033).

For those of you who are not already aware, there has been a spate of garage burglaries over the past few weeks. In view of these events residents are asked to review the security not only of their houses but also their garages and other outbuildings. We are hoping to get professional advice on general security issues on the Park in the near future and will pass on any useful information.

Please report ALL such incidents and suspicious activities to the police (click here for link to police information) or to a member of the committee.

SECURITY GATES - posted 26th May 2005
Please make sure you complete the questionnaire about security and security gates and return it to Nigel Eastment as soon as possible. So far only 29 out of 80 households have responded!
Ken Peters

It is with great sadness that we report that Ken Peters of The Parkland Suite, The Mansion, passed away on Sunday 20th February 2005.

Ken was for many years a leading light of both OPM and OPEC management committees. We are all indebted to Ken for his careful consideration on all estate matters but particularly for his management of the estate accounts and the financing of sewerage adoption scheme. He will be greatly missed.


A new page on the Tree Preservation Order has been added. Please take a look.


To improve efficiency and reduce costs please send us your email address. We will use this to circulate OPEC documents.

Click here to contact us.


The committee hopes that the new website will fulfil several purposes:

To inform residents about the management and activities on the estate

To provide information about the estate to prospective purchasers

To provide documentation for use in property transfers

It will not totally replace the distribution of hardcopy notices to residents, but to provide additional information immediately available

Please check the website first before contacting the committee members.

AGM 2004

Click here for a PDF copy of the AGM documents.


Your contact for all legal and financial matters concerning Ottershaw Park is John Gower at 17 Tulk House (Tel: 872062).