Ottershaw Park Woodland

Last updated: 04-Dec-2012 18:48

This page is for information and news about Ottershaw Park Woodland.

We now (December 2012) have a management plan for the Woodland in place. To see a copy Click here


Site visit by Richard Edwards, Woodland Officer, Forestry Commission South East England on 10th November 2009

Read Report (PDF file)

As shown on the Forestry Commission map (below) two plots of woodland (B & C) are classified as "Ancient Woodland" which means they have been continually wooded for at least several hundred years.

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Map accompanying sale document for the woodlands (plots A, B and C)


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Map based on Land Registry plan showing OPW woodland plots A, B and C (including triangular area labelled "A") and the area of woodland owned by Tulk House.

Main entrance road shown in grey

Proposal to purchase of Plot "C"

Click here for the OPEC EGM 2007 documentation