Improvement works on the “Pink Road” and in Ottershaw Chase

OPEC owns the dirt road (referred to as the Pink Road) running from the electricity sub-station on the Guildford Road to the Sewage pumping station (points A–E on the accompanying plan). Thames Water Utilities own the pumping station and have a right of access over the Pink Road.

Ottershaw Chase is a woodland area owned by RBC adjacent to the Pink Road and is a public open space popular with walkers. Over the years a number of paths have been created within the woods. One of these led from point C to the Pink Road where the boundary fence was broken down to allow access (point B).

Map showing the main footpaths in Ottershaw Chase and the Pink Road

In view of the threat of potential developments in the area and to clearly establish ownership OPEC has decided to re-establish the private nature of the Pink Road. To this end and with the agreement of RBC the path leading to the Pink Road (points C-B) has been blocked. A section of the original cast iron railings has been re-erected. In addition, some new stock fencing has been erected and access points at either end have been closed off to the general public and padlocked. Furthermore, the gate leading to Ottershaw Chase opposite Tanglewood has been padlocked (point G) to prevent public entry onto the estate. We have posted explanatory notices and signs indicating no public access at various points.

RBC will be erecting a sign indicating the preferred path within the Chase (points C-F). They have also opened up this path as a woodland glade walk, and students from Merrist Wood College have been busy thinning out saplings, and dead and dying trees to improve the woodland. This has been done as part of an Ecological Management Plan for Ottershaw Chase a copy of which can be seen HERE.

Should you wish to walk in Ottershaw Chase or access the Pink Road we will be distributing the padlock code to all residents by email. The code is for use by OPEC residents only and should not be divulged to anyone else.

Fencing and tree work was ably carried out by Tom Eastment and Max Springall.

Tom and Max at work, the new fence and the old railings.

Link to RBC website with information about walks in Ottershaw Chase HERE.

Note: John Athersuch has recently taken on the role of Warden of Ottershaw Chase. If you see anything in the Chase which requires attention or further investigation (fallen trees, fly tipping, druggies, etc.) please report these to John via the above email address.